✓ GOLD VERIFICATION - Twitter - Brands + Crypto/NFT (Direct rep) ... 20+ Cases completed on-site! - 37 5-Star Reviews ★★★★★ - SUPER QUICK TAT! NO PRE-PAYMENT :] 100% SUCCESS RATE


Hey, just needs to be a brand related account. No other requirements from my end.

ok so no press etc?

Correct, don’t need it. TAT is usually same day, but sometimes a bit longer. Have done many on site (you can view feedback)

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That new graphics are looking clean :pray:t4:

This listing is now a paid featured topic through February. GLWS!

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Recent feedback. DM to open a ticket.


sent you PM!

Responded to all DM’s… actively accepting cases

Can you unban the twitter AD account?

Yes, in most cases. DM me all details plz