Good for you, everyone is making money

Well, someone that is dealing with Adbreaks ( I can upload videos as editor and pay me for my service) or need help with publishing, or wishes to donate money just because they have them, you are more than welcome, but I would rather work, I NEED A JOB, so it is time someone to offer something.

Let me know.

In my opinion, you are approaching this way wrong and you’re less likely to get someone to work with you by acting a tad crazy (no offense).

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well after people don’t pay you, you have to take the frustration somehow out from your self. I didn’t get paid huge money, and Just because I am fair not everyone is, as much naive as this may sound, I hope that I will find the rare kind of people that are like me. That is the idea, I do not need everyone, I just need few normal guys.


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