Google knowledge panel

Service type: Unique
Price: $200

Description: A Google Knowledge Panel is a block you’ll find on the right side of your screen in the search results when you search for the name of a big brand or celebrity. For example, it shows if you Google “Nike” or “Bill Gates”.

So, why is a Google Knowledge Panel so important for your personal brand?

One word: Credibility.

The Knowledge panel is the first thing that people look at when they search for something. In this day and age, your online search presence is everything. What do you think clients do when they are thinking of buying from a company, or are thinking of doing business with you? The first thing they do is Google your name.

Your online Google search presence is what determines their impression of you. It determines how they perceive you, and in most cases, it directly impacts whether you end up getting the sale or not.

How much more credibility would you have if a Knowledge Panel shows up when a prospect Google’s your name?

How much more influence and authority would you have in your industry?

How many more sales would you be able to close?

How much more revenue would you be able to generate?

How many times would your business grow?

Google Knowledge Panel creation is one of the premium services that I offer.
I’ll be taking on only few clients this month for Google Knowledge Panel creation. Limited spots available. This is a rare and unique service.

Let me know if you would like to get a knowledge panel, and take your personal brand to the next level! :rocket:

TAT: 10 Days

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$1k? Just had this done for $200 on this forum…


Actually anyone can get it free when the have wikipedia and few mentions on some news :slight_smile: already have it with these


lmao i’m irrelevant at this day and age and i have one myself lol

Lol that’s seems like over kill don’t you think bud? Lol I can get this done for about 0$ to 50$ depending on what you want on the panel itself

I am only one who provides it with guarantee.

I can do it for someone with no wikipedia and 0 presence on web. And it’s 100% guaranteed and it is permanent.

Knowledge panel is permanent anyway cz there are no rules for it, the only thing u should be notable… and even not lol few articles about u will get u verified on google easy peesy lemon ?

The answer is sqeezy :man_shrugging:t2:

Lol that’s still incorrect sir as @Walid said It’s not that hard and a few articles will do or even a website with valid google schema automatically generates it in a few days, lol at one point I had two knowledge panels at the same time because my website automatically generated the second one, so in this case I think 1k for this is almost murder sir lol but I’m not here to step on anyone’s hustle just stating facts lol glws man

Usually its not permanent because it is created by Wikipedia or Schema markup. But I do not create it using wikipedia, schema etc. I have special ability to create permanent knowledge panel without wikipedia etc. I can even remove panels using my ability.

Usually people do it using google schema or wikipedia, but that’s not permanent because wikipedia administrators can remove wikipedia at any time and panel will go away. But I have special ability to create or remove knowledge panels even without any wikipedia, articles or schema.

That’s also incorrect man, if wiki goes away it just takes the next relevant website that has information on you and populate it, but if they’re aren’t any sites that has info about you then and only then it might disappear and even that’s STRETCH lol, but if they’re aren’t any sites covering you anywhere then you’ve got bigger problems than getting a knowledge graph now, long story short this service ain’t worth 1000 dollars, and please stop saying that your the only one with the special ability to do this YOUR NOT, your no better saying your the only one that can access google and again your not lol, but again kind sir glws


Sorry to say but your information regarding this is incorrect. If wiki goes away then panel just goes away. I have made the claim and I can prove my special ability to administrators if they ask to.

I’m not gonna argue with you about this because your clearly just here to get any poor soul for their money, like I said you don’t need wiki to create a knowledge panel and in some cases you can have a panel without even with a bio from a source (I’ll attach proof of this below) I’ve done this with about 7 panels so far and 3 of them had their wikis deleted all it did was populate information from the next website inline most case it’s IMDb, or another website, they’re are no special ability needed to do this, people charge a measly 20$ for this and could create a entire family tree of knowledge panels, but like I said if that’s your hustle I dig it lol but realistically nobody is gonna pay you 1k to do that just saying!

Here’s the proof

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In my knowledge i think wiki is the most important google rely on when publishing knowledge panel, before my wiki i had few articles and official website , and imdb pro but my panel wasnt showing , when i got my wiki it showed up. But i have a question for u breezy ill dm u

All you gotta do is make a Wikipedia article with an Infobox and in it and if it stays up for a couple hours before getting deleted then often a knowledge graph is created.

Or just release a song and make sure it syndicates to YouTube music and Google Play and they get you one free

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The guys mentioned in your proof are Dillon Kivo, Justin Grome and Dhrumil Soni… right?

I am neither fooling nor forcing someone. If someone thinks that its worth $1k then he’ll make a deal, otherwise not. And still I claim that I can prove to admins my special ability if they wish to.

But I am not doing it using any songs, wikipedia or anything like that. It’s completely a background process that I work on.

Don’t mean to sales bash but how can you justify charging 5-10x what other people on the same forum are charging? Makes no sense considering I literally bought this for less than $200 5 days ago.