Google News approved website

Domain name: Request in pm
Website included?: yes
Price: Asking price is $2000

Owning a Google New Approved Site can be immensely beneficial for your SEO efforts. With these sites, you will be able to generate traffic from Google’s News section. Your blog posts will automatically be added to this portion of Google making your site look more legitimate to consumers. Unfortunately, getting your site approved by Google can be tough. Now, you can avoid that hassle.

I have a Google News website available and more in the future if everything goes well. All sites will be English and the niche will vary. The sites are approved and in Google News. They should remain in Google News unless you do something crazy like posting a bunch of spam content. Some of the websites may contain hundreds of posts making them more valuable. These are legitimate sites that people trust and respect opening new doors to you.

Traffic is not guaranteed. Revenue is not guaranteed. These sites do better when you’re regularly adding posts. Pricing will vary based on the niche, traffic, age, and content on the website. Only guarantee is that the sites will be Google News approved when you get them. I will work with you to ensure you know what you’re getting in advance. I can also help you transfer the website/domain if necessary.

These websites are Google Approved and will be Google Approved when you receive them. Once they’re in your possession, they’re your responsibility. Please take the time to research the sites in question before making your purchase.

The Available account now is a

Local news website for a city in the United States. Has hundreds of posts. Currently Google News Approved ,Receives 100s of unique visitors daily. Asking Price: $2,000 or reasonable offer.

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