Google Play account with 200$ balance for sale

Account type: Google Play
Price: 120$

Description: I have Google play account with 200$ balance I am not using anymore. I played a lot of gacha games and spent a lot of money and I am trying to quit. Balance was recharged 2 months ago with 2 x 100$ gift cards I bought, so no stupid chargebacks and stuff. 100% safe for both of us. I can either buy you whatever you need, or I can give you account and you can spend money as you like. It is cheapest price by far.

I am taking BTC as payment.

you know almost all Google apps can be search and download for free just by quickly google “*.apk” right?

Dude. I and a lot of people spend hundreds of dollars on ingame items and other stuff on Google. Of course you can download any app, or you can pay 1000$ to roll in game for hero you want. Please refrain from posting if you have nothing smart to say.

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is it still available?

We don’t allow the sales of ‘Google Play’ accounts.