Got scammed "4850$" by DIAMOND MEMBER @educolunga - Scammers name: Eduardo Garcia Colunga

Thank you. Please keep us updated.

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Brokest ■■■■ I’ve ever heard in my life

Update: the seller didnt responde to the paypal team and now the claim team is reviewing the case and they will review it in 1-2 days…


i just win the dispute case :slight_smile: thank you everyone and specially thanks to @1999 for your kind help…


Let’s go mate, happy for u.


PayPal goods and services for the win

I’d be happy to assist you. Congratulations on your victory in the case[grid


If you’re going to scam, at least be smart about it…

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Cartels got to him

I mean, since he didn’t respond to the dispute, they automatically ruled in your favor. What does thanking 1999 have to do with all of this?

Happy For You :heavy_heart_exclamation: btw Why Is The Scammer Not Banned Yet?

Congrats @ak45 - Banning him now (his account was disabled anyway)

I have collected all the necessary information, including screen logs, to support his claim that PayPal sided with him. :slight_smile:

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I am happy for @ak45 i knew that it was win win for you.

Thanks to people who helped you :heart:

@SWAPD also thanks for banning scammers :goat:

Real Goat @1999

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