Gray Verified Pets Page With Instant Article Approved + Full Website 150 unique Article + Domain 12 DA

Country of followers (majority):1.7K
Amount of followers:USA
Topic/Niche: Pets
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: i am selling my old gray verified page with IA Approved + Full website with 150 unique Article + Domain 12+ DA Also need 9k likes and 30k video views for AD

PM me link please

Sorry but we can’t force someone to give a URL if they don’t want to (or are absent).

I know that. I didnt expect to force. But if you sell, how do you expect to sell something if we can’t see the merchandise. It is a paradox. And the price is 3.500 $

The whole point of hidden URLs was to protect your property from unwanted eyes. Sellers have the right to pick and choose who they work with. Perhaps onecool believes you are not the right fit for his property or has safety concerns.

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exactly @Swapd you said it all thanks


I was willing to pay you the price.But your wish is my command.

@Davorius really ? and i will make it 200$ less so lets start checkout ? @Swapd

@swapd Safety concerns should have the customers who are paying the money, not the sellers. I mean this is pure logic.

No thank you.

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So we should just ignore the sellers safety? Because why? We have an obligation to protect both parties. What you’re saying doesn’t make sense at all and is not “pure logic.”

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actually @Davorius all you do is asking about pages links and thats it , thats why i ignore your inbox because i dont have time to waste

I understand and agree. Thank you. It is seller choice. To the next purchse. Maybe onecool will gain trust :slight_smile:

Actually @neat I have purchased 2 Pages in 3 months. I am member of SWAPD 3 months and I bought 2 propertys.
You can check that with them.

i didn’t see any positive transaction in your profile

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Ask them bro I am not luying. 2 pages and one domain

@Davorius had three tickets in total, of which two were successful purchases.
We no longer award badges to buyers, that’s why you aren’t seeing any on his profile.


price dropped to 2500$

Plz pm me