Grey Verified MMA & Fighting Faceook page with 735K fans, matching .com domain & premium AD networks

Country of followers (majority):us:
Amount of fans/followers: 735K
Topic/Niche: Sports/Mixed Martial Arts
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: MMA page I’ve owned now for 5 years with a large following and a matching .com domain, already approved by numerous premium AD networks. I can’t even begin to explain how much revenue I’ve generated, contacts I’ve made, opportunities I’ve made, fighters I’ve worked with, etc. Signed a 5 digit contract (closer to 6 digits than 4), with for 1 year in 2016.

The list goes on. I will also give you your own UTM tracking code to attach to the end of any article that you’d like to post from You will receive a monthly report, pay is based on NET45, CPM is $8. Copy, paste, paid.

And I have a gentleman that pays $650 every month to share 3 videos a day.

The images will show the current reach for MMA related topics.

This page has always received stellar numbers with videos. Ad breaks are enabled.

Price listed is only based on the revenue from MMA Junkie and $650 for the 3 videos. Less than a 15 month turn around just going off of that.

Any Questions? Please feel free to ask.

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@Administrators you can see the fb link in the last photos

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Seller, please correct this and remove the URL from your screenshots.

Fixed. My bad guys.

@Administrators Can I please have this re-listed now?

Much interest but no serious buyers yet. Forgot to add that i also receive $800 the 1st of every month from another gentleman.

Price is now listed.

To the top. Price is based on approximately an 18 month turn around with what I already have setup. Not including anything else you may do.

$400 Price Drop…

This page could go well with the UFC fighter’s Twitter page I have for sale.

This page remains at $8,500.
The fighter’s Twitter page I lowered the price on a bit since I sold his Facebook page. $14,900.
For both pages, $22K flat.

Together these pages bring in approximately $1K monthly from posting MMA Junkie articles and I also receive $650 every 1st of the month for a gentleman that shares 3 posts a day, only on the MMA Facebook page. This would end up being a 14 month turn around based on just generating $1,500 a month. You can of course also make your own attempt of linking yourself with other companies, whoever really, in order to generate income.

Ad breaks are enabled but I used it maybe once until I got together with a video editor, so there would be another source of income.

Again, unique opportunity to own a well known pro UFC fighter’ page, that receives tons of engagement, along with an MMA page that receives stellar numbers on videos. Articles and images still pull good numbers but videos on the MMA page receives killer numbers.

Sorry for the book, just trying to be as accurate as possible.

Hi, please send me the link to the page as well as the price.


Please PM me link and current price.


Have a fair offer on the table but ill let this ride out because as i said, its a fair offer, but not fair enough.

Sold off site. Please mark sold @Administrators