Guaranteed Musician Verification and Username Claims

Service type:Verification / Username Claims

Description: I have decided to bring my guaranteed musician verification service to Swapd after offering it for years offsite and occasionally on here via inquiry.

The service is simple, you will get verified on Instagram or you will not pay anything. The service additionally comes with articles in top US publications and Facebook verification.

Turn around time is as little as 1 week if have a solid foundation and 3 weeks if we’re starting from nothing. Max timeframe is 15 weeks but on first submission you have a 95% chance of being verified. My last case on-site for guaranteed was 3 weeks.

My Media Portal is very strong, I will have a reply within an hour usually upon submission and have a 90% success rate overall with requests.

For username claims it will be $2200. Requirements are your placeholder needs to have 10k+ followers or be verified. The username being requested much be inactive and 6+ characters.


Review? :eyes:

I’ve got plenty😉

I wonder if getting verified will help you get verified on Twitter too?

Will you provide all the article links used to get the verification?


Taking more requests!

I currently have 100% success rate on-site for musicians, all requests have been successful first request as well.


Don’t put @‘s in public.


PM sent

Taking more requests!

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Do I need to provide press or no?

I can provide press if you don’t have any already.

What will the total price be if I have 3-4 clients for verification

With no press

$4k per