★[GUARANTEED OR PAY NOTHING] Instagram Verification for Musician [Media Portal] | FAST 24H REPLY★

Service type: Instagram Verification for Musicians

Musician Press Bundle:
Full Press: $1500 + You Pay SWAPD Fees
Current Wait Time is 2-3 Weeks TAT

Submission Fee
Instagram: $3500 USD + You Pay SWAPD Fees
Facebook: $2000 USD + You Pay SWAPD Fees
Current Wait Time is 2-3 Weeks TAT

All services are guaranteed or money back.

Press is based on my expertise from verifying over hundreds of cases. I cannot guarantee verification from the press even at 90%+ success rate due to the new SWAPD policy


  • Google Knowledge Panel
  • Spotify Music (Verified) with music
  • 5 SOLID Press Articles (non-obviously paid ones/blacklist ones)
  • Social Media Links (Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube are the main 4)
  • Reason for Verification (I.e., going on tour, having a lot of shows at big venues, radio supports)


still doing this?


Bump, verified a lot of people

bump - let me verify some people so I can buy all the ad spots next month :rocket:

Bumppity bump bump

Bump. Just verified on-site

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Use this guy 100% fast turn around and knows what he’s doing

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Still doing verifications?



Dm asap

dm asap

dm me interested


Have many open spots :heart::heart:

@ibillionaire Get your ID Verified messaging via @VERIFICATION bot

Could you do a tattoo artist?

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