Guaranteed TikTok User Claims & Verification

Hello SWAPD,

I’m happy to announce my first ever service here on SWAPD. I have verified many users, brands and claimed several usernames for people offsite, so today I am bringing this on here. I have many direct contacts to employees & many partners who also have connections. If I do not feel confident in your request then I will not submit for you. I will help you set up your placeholder account and anything necessary to make sure this gets completed. Turnaround time can be from a couple hours to a few weeks max. TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms right now, but I will try my best to stay in contact with you and keep you updated throughout the entire process.


  • Verification for your personal: $2000-$2500 + SWAPD fee
  • Verification for your business/brand: $2500-$3000 + SWAPD fee
  • Username for your personal: $2000-$2500 + SWAPD fee
  • Username for your business/brand: $2500-$3000 + SWAPD fee

Requirements for Verification:

  • To already be verified on either YouTube or Instagram with a good following. [A MUST]
  • These are not necessary but if you’re verified on other platforms or have press articles about yourself, then this can help you 100%.

If you aren’t already verified on Instagram or YouTube but have a mass follower count on TikTok and growing daily, exceptions can be made and you may be able to receive verification. (Not 100% guaranteed).

Requirements for User Claims:

  • To own the matching YouTube/Instagram handle and have a mass following (xxx,xxx), this is mainly for themed pages looking to migrate from Instagram to TikTok.
  • Must be a few years inactive. If the username is active and you have a LARGE audience, TikTok will grant you your desired username to your large audience than a random on their platform.
  • If you’re a public figure, artist or content creator then you will also need the matching YouTube/Instagram handle, but not a big following (15k+). If you have press articles or own the same username on other platforms then this can help you.

Payment Options:

  • Bitcoin
  • Transferwise (PREFERRED)

Do not sleep on this investment and join the wave now before you get left behind.


Good luck with sales!

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vouch! still ugly though


Vouch for verdict, social media god

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I’m verified on YT but only have 150 subs, would this work?

Just completed a verification offsite. Let’s get some done on here.


I’m interested I sent a message

Responded to everyone. I can now accept Transferwise as payment option :slight_smile:


Wow, you’ve evolved :open_mouth:

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Become verified today.

Lots of interest but nobody has pulled through, become verified today with the fastest turn around times.

Currently in an open ticket, let’s get some more.

Verified a user under 12 hours. Big vouch!

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Marked premium.

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Bringing this to the top. Get your blue tick today.

Bumping this :slight_smile:

I seem to be the only one who’s delivered so far onsite. Let’s take on some orders.

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Get your blue tick today.

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