Guaranteed Twitter Verification Including PR (10+ Successful Deliveries on SWAPD)

Service type: Twitter Verification (blue checkmark)

Price: $3,000 USD (This price is without PR included, reach out for PR price)
Payment Methods: BTC / TransferWise
Success Rate: 100% (10/10)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with the price?
This price is not negotiable. The price of $3,000 is set by our contact at Twitter. The price is subject to change depending on the account. We don’t raise or lower price based on account names, but the type of the account.

Do you guarantee verification through your service?
No. Becoming verified on Twitter relies on your online presence and account setup. If you have a good online presence in terms of media coverage / quotes / mentions, your verification process will not only be more successful - but it’ll also go through quicker.

Does the checkmark go away?
Not unless you make it go away. Accounts are verified legitimately here. Your account is verified based on the PR you provide. If it first gets verified, it won’t get unverified. Keep in mind that if you change your @handle after you’ve become verified, the checkmark will go away. Violating Twitter’s rules will also result in your account being unverified and possibly suspended.

Twitter says they don’t verify people anymore, how can you?
The public form used to request Twitter verification is currently on hold. This means that requests for verification must be processed internally. We do this through a dedicated representative at Twitter.

How long does the process take?
This all depends on the PR you have, and your account setup. We typically hear back regarding verification requests in 1-3 weeks, but we’ve verified accounts in under 24 hours.

Do you provide the PR to become verified?
As per October 22nd 2019 - we are able to provide the required PR for your request at an additional cost. Please reach out to make arrangements around this.

Unicorns and rainbows come standard with our customer support.

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PM sent. Interested.

isnt it easy to get verified on twitter…what if you instagram is verified already?

User can deliver, marking premium.

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its still not easy. Twitter doesnt have an open verification portal like they use to. So now the only way to apply is to know someone at twitter, have a rep or have a media panel

waiting on a reply

may i have the page link and price

In the middle of another order. Once i finish that one ill hit you up!

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Just got me a blue check mark on my twitter! Thank you Scorchy! will definitely work with you in the future and recommend you to friends.

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Pm me and let me know what are the articles I need so I know if this works for me

Hey I need twitter verification for a client. He has a wiki and has the press needed. He is verified everywhere else. PM pls.

Just did one today, who wants to get verified?

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Can confirm. Verified with the same PR that was done to verify IG.

Scorchy :beer:


I believe im the only one on site that can get this done!

Lets get you verified today! PM ME

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