Guerilla NFT Twitter Marketing for NFT Launch

We have a 10K NFT collection and everything ready/ done by tomorrow.

The project will start from 0 on all platforms.

We need to be trending all over Twitter and grow massively during these 24 hours.

Our initial idea:

• IG/Twitter army

• 1M Twitter mentions + 1M DMs

• 5k posts on Instagram - 500k DMs

• 50k follows on Twitter

• We need HIGH engagement on every post.

• We need to trend on NFT section of twitter and be all over the place. We need a Twitter growth expert with this. Usually we utilize a large number of farmed accounts with large followings to post, tweet and mention us in order to be seen by mass organic investors. Do you do anything similar?

Basically, we need to be all over the place and gain mass exposure to NFT investors on Twitter.

You should check check this link.

i can do that

Kindly send your proposal in DMs

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