Hard Instagram Unbans / Copyright / Counterfeit / Drugs / Nudity / Trademark etc

Time to revive this thread soon :soon: :smiling_imp:

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I need copyright unban
how much?

Completely revamped this thread, now being done by CES team, I recovered last week a case failed by 2 reps under 48h :moyai::handshake::moyai:

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Awesome! What’s CES?

Central Escalation Support :moyai::moyai:

Can even unban cases failed by other reps


i need nudity unban brother :smiley: still active?

I just got back a hard copyright case under 24h. After case failed by two other reps who were cheaper. I wasted 3 weeks with other reps. Wish I started with @Thanos in the first place. Thank you so much! :heart: I’m very happy.

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10 accounts recovered today : copyright / drugs / nudity counterfeit. Doing all ban types except cybersecurity and noted .

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Just got my account back with @Thanos. Thanks for your relentless effort GOAT!!!

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