Hard Instagram Unbans (Counterfeit/ Copyright/ Perm) - 15 unbans on site

3 tickets opened on swapd and 3 more off site. Submitting all in a few hours for the last time :broken_heart: all are copyright / perm / fraud & deception

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Sent a PM…

Submitting 9 accounts in 20 minutes, come on let’s make it 10 accounts if anyone need :rofl:


This dude ain’t just any seller. He’s legit :fire:, knows his game like a pro, and connects straight with the main plug. Whatever he’s vibing, he drops it way before the beat or right on point :dart:. No cap, ride with him any day. He’s all about the vibes and the hustle, not just the :moneybag:. Too real! :raised_hands::metal:

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If you missed yesterday, there is another last chance tomorrow to get your perm / copyright / counterfeit / 24h stuck or any other ban type back :handshake: Rep can still do them but he literally told me it’s his last day tomorrow •.• which was supposed to be yesterday so yeah let’s go :crown:

@Thanos is unbelievable. My IG acc was banned for 1 year due to copyright and everyone here told me it was deleted forever. Within some hours he just unbanned it and I got it back as it was before! Thx man it was my main job and my life, I can’t thank U enough still :pray:t5::white_heart:

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Collecting accounts to submit in around 12 hours.
Yesterday 2 unbans on Swapd. And today so far 1 ticket open to submit later today and 3 off site.

Send your requests :moyai::handshake::moyai:

Got my account back in 20 mins ! He’s a beast and is 100% legit!


Copyright unbans paused at the moment but can still do :

  • Permanent (deleted)
  • Counterfeit

And all other ban types

The difference is that timeframe is not instant it’s 0-14 days

Please respond in PM

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Copyright unban available ?

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Instant unbans now resumed for a maximum of 3 days only.

Have already 15-20 cases off site and 1 ticket open on Swapd.

Send me your requests :clinking_glasses::handshake:

All ban types :

Fraud deception

start my ticket brother few minute tat is crazy!

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@Thanos is insane unbanning accounts in minutes :flushed: Must sleeping with Zucks wife :eyes:


I wait bro

This man is truly a legend, the legend is back :exploding_head: :man_dancing:

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@zzz2786611 did you try your luck with him?

1 counterfeit unbanned today off site.

Opening few more tickets on Swapd also today :moyai::handshake::moyai:

Submitting in few hours and service will again be paused for a while.

So if you have orders send them asap :moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai:


I just Pmed you bro two job request