Hello, My name is George!

Hey guys,

Nice to meet you! My names George, I’m 16 & been featured in newspapers in Britain for online business ventures. I’m in love with this account and username handle stuff I’ve been reading all about on here and I’d love to get involved. If anyone has any tips for getting started I would really appreciate it. I would also be interested in perhaps being an intern/apprentice to any of you more seasoned professionals on this forum so I can learn the ins and outs while also giving you some help hopefully. If this is something you believe you may be able to help me out with feel free to message me!



Hello and welcome to SWAPD.

Unfortunately, our website is 17+. Hopefully you’re turning a year older soon as due to our app certs we can’t officially accept anyone under 17. So what type of business you were mentioned for? As far as “tips for getting started”, what would you like to get started on? You need to be a tad more specific.

Isn’t that convenient, it’s my 17th birthday today :slight_smile: I was hoping to learn more about acquiring prestigious handles and knowing there value. In regards to my business, I was most notably known for a company that sold teeth whitening products but I developed a phyton script to run with the Instagram api to heavily target a certain demographic.

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Well then, you’re in for a rough time. I’ve been doing this for 9 years now, I still can’t get the pricing right. You will have to burn yourself a few times before you get it right.

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Hi George!

I’m starting out too here but I have experience growing accounts.
Best of Luck! also hmu if you have question I might be able to help ya