Help me

@Vinnie , This guy reached me regarding unbanning his tik tok account
We opened the ticket
Before he sent payment to SWAPD I unbanned his tik tok account
Now he isn’t replying me nor sending me the Payment
SWAPD isn’t helping me in this because I worked against their instruction
Someone please help me out
He owes me $2500

If someone can get the money from him
I will give him/her $700 reward

lol, is that Vinnie Omari?

you aren’t getting that money my friend.

He even provided fake sc to SWAPD

Did he try to scam you also?

I don’t know his full name

No, I used to know Vinnie. His skills include being proficient in scamming, social engineering and general idiocy.

His full name is Vincent Omari and you can find articles about him on google. He is a resident/citizen of the UK for all legal purposes.

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:clown_face: :clown_face:


unforty u cannot get ur money from Vinnie hes like bacteria of online forums


Hahahahahahahaha holy fck.

In my opinion topic’s like this should be closed right away. It happens a lot lately that sellers don’t follow Swapd’s rules and post here to cry about getting scammed, either by providing services before payment, or dealing off-site. Rules are there for a reason.

Agree. A thread about what happened to alert members is one thing but to beg for help to recover money is not ok

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This is why Swapd always tell sellers to only proceed after payment is done. Especially if the buyer doesn’t have a good reviews or if he isn’t a VIP member etc.
sorry about your lost

If you need a service to ban Tiktok in just 30 seconds, contact me :handshake:


bro i still clown vo for his fake ass cartier

you aren’t getting ■■■■ back sorry man

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check your dms, I have budget & contacted you.