Help, my FB page was unpublished

Need Service: FB page unpublished reversal

Description: Our FB page with 100k fans was unpublished today for no reason. FB didn’t say but we don’t even have the option to appeal (seems like a hard unpublish). It says the following when we try to submit an appeal (which doesn’t submit):

Your Page has the following restrictions:
Your Page has been unpublished and it cannot be published again.
Editing content on your Page has been disabled. This limit is temporary and expires Saturday, April 14.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Did you use branded content tool?

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I’ve never had this happen. I am curious as to what could cause such a thing.

I too lost one today. Generic reason, no appeal option given.

No just wholesome memes and quotes.

Me as well, there was no indication on why it was unpublished.