Hetzner verified

Account type: Hetzner.de verified account
Price: 70$

Description: Croatia holder, clear, verified account with e-mail account and ID which was used for registration.

Could you please elaborate in your listing what this account is about and what are the benefits of it?

I don’t get it

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Dedicated root server, vps, hosting provider service.

High quality German servers. To use the services, ID verification is required. Some people(for various reasons) do not want to use on their own behalf.

I hope I explained.

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What is the handle to this verified account?

Can you PM?

if your running a porn, phishing, or copyright products ecom store etc …
its a good idea to not use your own ID to verify your account.

Its a normal hosting site just like Godaddy, or bluehost.

The value of the account is that its already ID verified so if(when) legal issues arise your personal information is hidden, though a bit over priced if you ask me, but good luck to OP with sales nonetheless.