HIGH REVENUE, WorldWide Store Modern Streetwear and Clothing eCommerce - targeted market niche easy to run. $5,168 in revenue in 2 years, 100% dropship

We are selling a premium eCommerce completely configured and ready to earn a great income in one of the most profitable market niches on the net. Inventory is filled with tens of the most sought-after, targeted, and branded items ready to be shipped, with top-quality pictures to showcase your products to the customers. The quality of the items is above the average of similar stores and they are offered at such low prices that your users will take advantage of the countless offers. NewKick.store is a website that started operating in 2020 and gained very interesting feedback in a short amount of time, being able to collect revenues of over 5,168$ in two years with little to no marketing effort. The best part is that our results are replicable just by applying the same sale techniques we used.
also instagram and pinterest included in sale.

Revenue & Profit
Financial Statistics

Annual Revenue

EUR €3,730

Annual Profit

EUR €2,661

Monthly Revenue

EUR €311 AVG

Monthly Profit

EUR €222 AVG

Profit Margin


Are the designs/clothes unique and exclusive to this store? Beautiful website btw

thank you no the clothes are not unique and exclusive .