High tier Instagram OGs Requests + Verifications

Service type: Instagram Handle Claiming
Price: Starting at $3.5k + swapd fee (goes up based on the handle’s value)

This is not a service for random handles but for high tier ogs and sometimes semis as well. This is for the handles other people told you were ‘too generic’ to claim.
Handle has to be inactive for at least 2 years (Mid 2017, to be precise). No banned handles, inactives only
2/3 letters/digits are included.
Price is absolutely not negotiable and doesn’t include swapd fee, which buyer will have to add.
You will receive the account the handle is currently on, i do not offer swap services nor i am responsible if you swap yourself and lose the handle.

As for verifications, price is 3.5k+Swapd Fee, not negotiable. You need to have high tier press (forbes, inc, huffington etc.), i prefer doing this for personal profiles, not businesses.

I only take cryptos as payment.


So you basically get us access to the current account the username is on and then we’d login and change the email/phone etc?

If we want to swap the username onto a new account then that’s up to us.

Is this right?

Vouch for the boy, legit user.

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I don’t know how he does this, and to be honest I am a little scared. But in his latest ticket, the seller was able to secure an OG handle in 12 minutes. The handle he obtained was previously sought after by some other buyers of ours a few months ago, but previous sellers weren’t able to deliver.

Honestly, the speed of the service raises concerns, but since we cannot find any current evidence of wrongdoing, we will mark this topic premium + spotlight it, as no one was able to do perform this type of service so fast on SWAPD before.


And just an FYI, this isn’t a given every time (the speed). Just saying that in his last ticket, the seller broke all records as far as speed goes.

no reasons to be concerned! And thanks for specifying about the timing. This time it happened in 12 minutes because buyer was online and we made the ticket at a particular hour. Max TAT is usually 36 hours anyway


Can vouch for @lukk. Obtained a handle for me nobody in the industry could get and he did it in less than 15 minutes… Crazy stuff!


An Instagram insider? :thinking:

i wish




PM me mate


Vouching for this guy, he verified my client within 24 hours!!!

Unbelievable stuff :star_struck::star_struck:

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Request an handle today for 3% swapd fee

Please pm interested in ig verification with pr

Bump bump

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I’m interested in this, sent you a pm

Verify id