High Tier OG with OGE

7 Letter High Tier OG handle with original email

Price: $2,000

PM or post if you’re interested.

Only releasing the username to those that are ID verified.

Current offer: $1,300

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Sexy @, GLWS

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What is this service dont understand?

He is selling OG username on Instagram. Meaning the price of the Instagram account isn’t based on the amount of followers, etc. but on the handle.

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I dont see why ppl would buy based on a good name? What possible organic reach could it have? Ppl accidentaly writing that name

It’s good for branding, but in general original names are scarce which gives appeal to some clients. Typical supply and demand at work.

Current offer: $1,200 (offsite)

Pm me

what is handle?

Answered all PMs

Can you pm the handle


PM me if interested

handle please

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PM me if interested

PMs are open.

If it’s travel related pm me

PM @

Unfortunately it is not