Hiring Someone to Fix Instagram Account ASAP!

Looking for someone to fix my clients instagram account at a reasonable cost.

I’m really not sure whats wrong as I haven’t received this error before or have never dealt with this.

My client can’t receive messages on her business account as the message button isn’t showing.

My client also cannot follow people anymore.

I’ve attached screenshots of whats going on.

Saying the account was compromised etc… but account was never compromised, eveyrthing is fine.

Looking to get this done asap at a reasonable cost.

Let me know your cost and timeframe if anyone can do this fast!

The main thing is my client needs this account for work but people can’t message her. They don’t see the message button. This is what really needs to be fixed. Following other people is secondary but would like that fixed as well!


detect third party apps website login activities that’s why IG says they think account is hacked etc new location detected.

Trusted original device have access?

Yea it does, main issue is that the message button isn’t appearing for both accounts.

sounds like a job for the mighty 3 @Mafia @1999 @Abstract

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I understand sir, I know the issue

The real issue here guys is suddenly both my clients instagram accounts can no longer receive messages.

The message button for new people doesn’t show. So my client cannot receive messages.

Send me a DM, could be a glitch

@Abstract sent you DM