How can i turn off locations tab on facebook page?

My page got hacked three days ago. facebook helps me to reinstate it. hackers turned on the location tab. how can i turn it off? is it dangerious ?

brother if its like this dont ever remove bussines manager or the guy who putted it will hack your page , never ever put down the owner- bussines manager , if you can fast make a new page and merge this page with the new page , and dont keep the old page but the new one , and the locations icon will be gone and your page will be clean otherwise you cannot goodluck

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Thank you so much dear. I’ll try to do that

I believe only the person who set it up can remove it, but I may be wrong.
More info on locations can be found here:

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Thank you @Swapd … i requested to Facebook pages help staff to remove that for me… hope they will do that.

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