How do you know if it is the OG email?

When buying an instagram account, how would you know that the email that he/she gives is the OG email? Is there a way to double check? Thank you

Yes there is a way, u can check the entire history of instagram’s account but can be checked only through pc.

Steps to get the history of instagram.
Login into the account in pc

Go to settings

In settings, privacy & security

There go to data download.

Request data download to any of ur email
Instagram will email complete data.

Data includes everything like name changes email change, username changes everything.

You don’t even have to download it. In the privacy and security you can view all the data without a download. You have categories such as previous emails/phones/etc.

Thank you!

If I were to buy an instagram account, would I ask the seller to show me proof of the OG email? Thank you!

Created an article just for you: How to check whether the Instagram email is original?
You check when you purchase. If the seller lied, he won’t get paid and we reverse the transaction.

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Thank you!

If that is the case, Swapd should check if that is the OG email before BST.

No. We already have our work load high, and buyers can’t fully rely on us for everything. Some people don’t care whether the email is original or not, those who do, will have to check it themselves.