How much is a profitable Facebook page worth?


Assuming you have a Facebook page which directly produces sales, how much is it worth?

For example, if a Facebook page generates $200 per month, how much is it worth?

Obviously, I realise there are variations, different influences etc but would be good to get a rough estimate.

Any input will be appreciated.


It would really depend on the niche and how consistent the $$ amount is per month. Back in the day websites used to be x12 months, but it could double or triple, like i say depending on the niche.

If you had a page that made $200 a month for the past 2-3 years, (lets say a make-up cosmetics page) then it must be a really strong, engaging page and you could ask around $5-6k for it.

Just guesstimating and ball-parking that though on what you asked :slight_smile:


If it were a content page and was driving traffic to a website and making money from a CPM network and not from direct sales, i would half that $5-6k estimate… So probably $2.5-3k…

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


It’s very difficult to quote these things. Usually, it boils down to:

  1. Niche
  2. Demographics
  3. Activity
  4. Buyer demand

Earnings can play a big role, but people fluff these things so much that no one ever believes anyone. Unless you can pass the method 100% and show that you have been consistently making 200 USD per month then people will not factor that in the price. There are also many times where someone earns 12,000 in a single month, then zero for the next 11 months. They divide that one good month by 12 months and claim “this page makes 1000 per month!”