How to bypass facebook's new confirm primary location problem if you have multiple ids

i have different pages on different ids. and they are fake most of them. Now with new facebook’s verification it has become very hard for me.
Now fb wants you to
1 - verify by phone
2 - install fb app and confirm your location.

So i did both of these steps and it comes out as soon as i confirm my location and take my sim off or delete fb app from my phone, the country location verification comes back. I have many ids which i need to enable for facebook posting.
Does anyone have any suggestion how to bypass this in a way that i could actually turn off that sim and facebook account from mobile and continue using it on pc.
i would appreciate your suggestions.

Move all your pages to 5 fb accounts at most,
then buy 5 different cheap smart phones ($50), 5 sim cards and let the facebook app installed on the phones.
Problem Solved :smiley:

You should treat it as a real business, to move on you have to invest.

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About moving all pages to 5 accounts, not a good idea to keep many eggs in same place.

About how to fix this, I agree with @superb , buy some cheap smart phones,man!
Or, ask your family members to be admins on your pages …and with the fake account you’ll be Editor so you can post.

Another one,but I tried it only to create accounts: open Firefox, install a plugin User Agent, so you can set mobile user agent. It was a period when everyone couldn’t create fake accounts,all fake accounts got direct “Disabled”. So I used this method and FB saw my firefox as mobile device :slight_smile:

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i dont mind doing that. but what worries me is showing my same location on all accounts. isnt that going to get me caught eventually ?

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