How to do a transaction over swapd/is PayPal safe?

How to do a transaction over swapd/is PayPal safe for a buyer?


I am wanting to buy from an instagram user who seems legitimate. Am I able to set up this transaction through Do you think I’d be safe with PayPal? Swapd is safer right? I discussed this in a forum chitchat asking about scammed and nobody said if PayPal is safer etc.

Id buy asap

Oh and is there a fee for the seller? If so id consider PayPal as this would maybe raise my price? Hmmm… I tried to discuss this in another forum is PayPal safe and nobody responded. At this point I have contacted support email… So…

Idk… Ebay is not allowing selling of digital social media accounts suppisedly so I assume they don’t protect. I read most places paypal is safe… So idk…

They are asking for me to give my paypal email to them for a request

Oh and they keep changing the account name … But I feel its legit after checking Fame audit their account and that they have over 100 posts…

And I am scared that if I am slow the account would be sold to someone else

Not sure if this should be under general chitchat or knowledge category… I thought about that for awhile and saw it is more active here…

You will get mixed results if you need to do a refund through PayPal.sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

From what you describe it doesn’t sound very legit. Changing the name could mean that the user is selling to people, scamming, and changing the name…

Hey @richiewerq,

I’m going to try to answer all your questions. We do accept PayPal for transactions under $1000USD. We also accept many other options for payment. PayPal is a safe method of sending payments in itself.

The reason it is safe to use Swapd is because we are providing a middleman service here. The buyer gives sends us the money and the seller gives us the property. After this we transfer the property to the buyer and confirm he has full access to the account. Once the buyer confirms everything is A-ok we send the money to the seller minus our fee and any transfer fees.

eBay can’t safely allow sales like this because they don’t provide a middleman service. If things went awry it would be hard to prove anything. You will have a very difficult time buying/selling an account outside of a middle-man service without a huge risk of being scammed. The only way we can even manage to keep this boat going is by making sure we are providing you with a safe means of making these exchanges.

As far as that page you are interested in…you should be concerned about them changing the the account name. If the page is legit it was organically built targeting a specific audience. If this page becomes about fish when it was built around bird people you will have a very hard time getting the same value out of the page since the audience won’t be very interested. It could be that they are trying to give the impression that the page is built on a more valuable monetizable niche. You should be careful about pages like this for many reasons. Just because it seems to check out on FameAudit doesn’t mean it is what it is.


Hi Shaun,

Thanks for your reply explanations,

I didnt check your post in time due to some anxiety lol and idk some fears due to past things. Anyway I was scammed ish but I got my money back… I was talking about using PayPal for a transaction off of this website. I will now avoid buying directly on Instagram haha

I got scammed from buying on Instagram directly in the app… I searched the hashtags of #accountforsale #sellingaccounts… The account is called fashions.hype … Idk I luckily got it back (the amount I paid - I think I am not sure my dad just saw email notification) but I shouldve been compensated for the trouble with paypal I went thru with getting it back… Lol i used my dad’s account who doesnt speak good english and I had to pretend to be him to converse with the PayPal staff Lol. That person made up evidence that he gave me a shoutout when I bought an account hmm. Whatever hahaha