How to get/make non-copyright videos?

I know how to use Tools to make videos,
But how to get non-copyrighted content?
Is there a way whether it’s paid or free ( prefer FREE ) without getting Facebook copyright strikes? It’s risky.

I tried to make animated text content over photos and videos, But it’s just not catchy enough!

use copyright free audios, simple and for videos, just mirror them up with some effects.

Using stock videos is the best option. Also you should only use stock audios.
Some places where you can find free stock videos, images and audios are :

Images :

Over the Top for You
Customer interview, photo by Daria and it is free to use. Click on photo to see it in full-size.

Audio :
For audio you can use , on facebook you can use the facebook’s free audio library and for youtube you can use the youtube’s free audio library.

I personally use yearly subscriptions of

Have fun creating some great content :slight_smile:

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If I edit the video like that, Is there a chance of risk that Facebook will detect it’s copyright?

If you use videos from the above mentioned sites, then you won’t have any copyright issues. make sure to read their licences.