How to get profit from FB page?

Hello, everybody!

In this point in my life I want to do something for myself. Some time ago I found article about “FB Instant articles”, “monetize FB page” etc.
After doing some research I assume best way is to create blog/website, post content from my webpage in FB page, set up “Instant Articles” and monetize my page. I’m saying this because I have good skills blogging, copywriting, making blogs, content, pages etc.
Or there is some other strategies? Or ways? For example - monetize FB page without webpage?
I already know about “Affliliate Marketing” and “Influencer marketing” way but I think this content is low quality and can ruin my page.

Now I’m looking to buy FB page and start working but reading all information I have some doubts - are It’s possible to profit from FB page and instant articles? Are this really works?
Is it possible to earn 5$, 10$, 50$, 80$ or more in day?

I understand that this is not “get rich fast” case. I know that you need to put lot of work in it.
Sorry for maybe silly questions but hey - I see that we are professionals here and since SWAPD have Chit Chat section I can expect some good answers.

Thank you!

Fb profit depends all on ecpm and impressions and add clicks . Without webpage its not possible for instant articles to work . To get it working you need a website

Thanks for answer!