How to make 30k minutes views to join Ad Breaks Facebook?

as titles, we need the tools can do that. thanks.

I can complete the 30k views to enable adbreaks.

Time 1 day completion, 2 days for updating.

50$ price ( excluding swapd fee )

i dont need services, i need tools to run by myself.
could you sell that tools (or teach me how)?


There is no tools. It’s only to give real views by sharing content on other page

how much last price for this service DM me.


are you kidding me you offer 50$ but now 60$ Lol.

I wrote 50$ ( excluding swapd fee ) which is 20$
50+20 = 70$ total.
Now I’m asking 60.

i already have 50% in my views how much cost for another 50% views?


i can give you this service with 30$.

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