How to make money from Instagram?

I wanted to know how to make money from a instagram account?? I would like to invest on instagram platform. But i don’t know about this! Please can you share your experience??? :heart::heart::heart:

Generally, you make money by promoting. Whether it’s other accounts, products, or services. When you have a really good Instagram account you don’t usually even have to look for business. People usually will contact you with offers. But, don’t buy a 50-100K humor related account and expect to make any decent money with it, other than 5USD shoutouts. To make good money you need to purchase accounts in desirable industries, and the accounts have to be in pristine shape with very good activity.

@Swapd which which niche is the most valueable niche for making money from instagram???

Not sure to be honest. Health/Fashion/Tech would be my guess.

I’ve seen some people sell shoutouts and promotions on fiverr, I’d recommend you use multiple platforms to get clients and keep in mind that if people like your work they’ll recommend you to their friends and that helps immensely.