How to Remove Airbnb Review-- Remove Airbnb Reviews - VIP Seller

God let’s winners stay

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good lemons went swapd


Giant Llamas Wearing Sunglasses


Why would someone say that ? :thinking:

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gays like wealthy sellers


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Finally man thank you

These old sellers were bullying innocent me

and by sale they’re referring to a garage sale I’m doing aand not quite sure how they’re expecting everyone knows about our inside convos

can someone kick this guy off the platform?

because he’s not verified or what did he do?

he send me message

you mean hey send me a message?

He delivered for me

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delivered before ticket was even opened!

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Hello, how much please?

Good for you, but not allowed FYI :slight_smile:

to be fair it was somewhat unintentionally done as I the buyer gave the info I told my connect to remove so happened my connect also received my communication instantly and executed so I believe within few hours the reviews were removed I chuckled and the buyer is a VIP so I figured he would follow through and get us paid. We were happy for delivering so quickly obviously expected it to be a high quality service to the buyer not so much of breaking rules.

On much more important note, where do I read on the policy on that specific concept of delivering before opening a ticket so we stay compliant?

I quickly skimmed through: SWAPD Policies - SWAPD and couldn’t find the policy referencing delivery before opening a ticket. Please advise!

SWAPD ensures trust and safety between buyers and sellers. Conducting deals outside of tickets eliminates security. If the theatrical buyer had not paid, we would have been unable to do anything as it was not in-ticket.

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Can you remove for a guest as well?