How to report copied content? [FB]

There’s this page who has been copying all of my instant articles WORD to WORD and even the images. I have asked the page to stop so many times but they don’t listen. They just copy the whole thing I spent hours working on and I can’t find a single place on FB where I could report it. On top of earning free money, his links somehow rank better than mine on google while he copies and publishes the article like a day or 2 later and even has less traffic than my site. I can’t even find the profile of the the page owner.

I think you need to think more about your SEO and the page you’re sharing your links on. It’s unfortunate that it’s happening to you, but the one way to fix it is to be better than your competition.

I could be wrong. Also, there should be a way to report them right at the link.

Are you looking to report copied content on Facebook? If so, use these resources:

Help article:
Online form for DMCA claims:

It’s important that you include a complete copyright claim otherwise they will ignore you.

It’s such a pain to see others taking credit of your hard work.
Here’s what you need to do in order to find who is posting that content on which pages.

Install the crowdtangle chrome extension from here .

Login to the extension via your facebook.
Open their website.
Choose the article that has been published there and have strong views/likes/share.
Click on the crowdtangle extension icon at the top right corner of your chrome.
It will show you Facebook interactions and Top Referrals.
You will see a list of facebook pages that post the content stolen from you.
From there, you can find the posts and bang them with a copyright strike.