HQ PR AT DISCOUNTED PRICES : Get yourself or your clients published on top tier news!

This is a unique opportunity to appear in world leading publications. Many of these are not available anywhere else but through me.

Here are the publications on which you may soon appear:
:us: US Articles
BTC Peers - 520 USD
Genius - 800 USD
The Verge - 850 USD
VMagazine - 1,600 USD (Sponsored)
Gamestop - 1,600 USD (Mention)
Ibtimes - 1,760 USD (Australia)
Big Think - 2,600 USD
Fortune - 2,900 USD (US)
Entrepreneur - 3,250 USD (US)
NYPost - 3,250 USD
Wall Street Journal - 3,450 USD (Sponsored) / 4,850 USD (NOT Sponsored)
Forbes Written by Contributor - 3,750 USD
High Times - 3,750 USD
The New York Times - 4,150 USD
Washington Post - 4,460 USD
GQ - 6,000 USD
Forbes Written by Staff - 6,000 USD (Rare)
Mashable - 7,950 USD
TechCrunch - 9,500 USD

:uk: UK Articles :
London Loves Business - 2,250 USD (Can be interview or post)
Liverpool Echo - 2,250 USD (Sponsored)
Wales Online - 2,250 USD (Sponsored)
My London - 2,250 USD (Sponsored)
Daily Record - 2,250 USD (Sponsored)
MSN - 3,550 USD (UK)

:eu: EU Articles :
Euronews - 2,600 USD (Under Africanews see sample)

:fr: French Articles :
CNET France - 6,250USD
Stylist.fr - 6,500 USD
Le Figaro - 8,750 USD
BFMTV - 9,950USD

TAT : 3 weeks for publishing (+ 1 week if writting needed)
:boom: For first buyers, there is an exceptional 6% discount. So hurry up!
:speech_balloon: TOS
All articles are full feature with photo. Perfect for verification, wikipedia and personnal branding !
Swapd fees are not included.
Writting not included ($100 for HQ writting service).

:speaking_head:If interested, please leave a comment or PM me. Others websites are possible on request. We have access to a lot of top tier websites (including Financial Times, Engadget; Fast Company …) but the price is at least 5 digits.

I’m interested in Wall Street Journal, will it be full feature?

Yes WSJ is full feature including a picture.

Hi, I’m interested in Fortune, Mashable, and TechCrunch.

What’s the TAT? Photo included, And, can you send me the questionnaire(s)?

On another note, do you happen to have AdWeek, Entrepreneur, Campaign Magazine, or Fast Company?

TAT is 10-14 days. Photo included and I need to know the type of profile to choose which questionnaire use.
I have entrepreneur US for 3200USD. In which publications are you interested so ?

Hi! Entrepreneur Leadership Network or contributor or staff?

TAT is 10-14 days for each of these? Entrepreneur, Fortune, Mashable, and TechCrunch.

It’s for an adtech startup and its founders, not necessarily an individual feature.

Answered in PM but for everyone
Here are the exact TAT :
Entrepreneur : 12-16 days
Fortune Global : 10-12 days
Mashable / Tech crunch : 14 -21 days
They are deliberately extended to avoid the inconvenience of delays.

As for Entrepreneur, it will be a normal contributor.


Message me examples of WSJ

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I’d like learn more about The Verge and said Engadget?
Is PR or Article? I’d like do one of them

We still offer to feature you !

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Need forbes full feature interview article.