HUGE 2-3C IG Shop

Making a separate listing to this from my original shop - BEST OG IG SHOP (NOW TAKING PAYPAL)

This is strictly for 2-3 character/letter Instagram’s. My partners are constantly acquiring and selling these DAILY. OG Email is provided for the majority of these, regardless, these are all secure and in good hands, especially if you’re dealing with me.

Accepting BTC as main payment option, if you wish to pay in PayPal you’ll be paying 15% extra to cover all fees and costs. You must be ID VERIFIED to know my list.


Can you send me list please?

Yo what’s the list?

I already sent to you in PM’s 6 hours ago.

list pls

List please!

Send me the list please, I’m super interested

List please

Hello Sir Can you please provide me the list with the rate.

Send list please.

Could you PM me the list? Thanks.

Replied to everyone who is ID VERIFIED.

2-3 characters? :scream: Please, send me the list.

Send list

Please pm me list

Send the list

Replied to everyone.

pm bro

Please pm me the list

Verify your ID through @Verification then hmu again