Huge OG Shop [For Other Platforms]

Hello SWAPD,

Decided to completely update this listing, along with my other successful threads (OG IG’s, Twitters & TikTok’s). I’ve decided to start selling my other usernames I have over a variety of platforms.

I have usernames for the following platforms:

  • 200+ OG’s on Fortnite (
  • 150+ OG’s on Reddit
  • 500+ OG’s on Tumblr
  • 70+ OG’s on Xbox
  • 40+ OG’s on Facebook (VERY RARE)

If anyone is interested in any of these then feel free to PM me.

Note: I’m only disclosing these to everyone who is ID VERIFIED. Payment options are Bitcoin (PREFERRED). If you wish to pay via PayPal you’ll be paying 15% to my given price to COVER ALL FEES.


Good luck with sales, ugly boy Veridcto.

Can I get a list for xbox brother?

Still have all these. PM me!

Still selling these.

Gang sh*t

Ugly accounts. Good luck selling.

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Big vouch. Good luck!

please share the list. thanks.

Bumping this.

Lets get some sales.

Interested in Tumbl / Facebook and Twitter please.

Can I get the reddit list + prices, please. Thanks in advance.

I completely forgot about this lol, if you’re interested you can message me

P.m. user names?

Updated this, still have these.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Verdict owns the internet.

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Hey man, PM epic games and reddit please?