I am selling an Art Account-47.4k followers(Make money from Instagram Promotions)


Property type:Social Media
Number of Followers : 47k followers
Daily Amount of Followers : 1000-1500 per day.
Average Amount of Likes : 10k likes
Why is it unique?:It has great followers,gets a lot of likes and you can make a lot of money from promotions.

Description:My account is an Art Account.The average of likes is 10k per photo and i usually get 1000 followers per day.The account is joined in some Engagement Groups(Big ones with 1.5 mln members that will help you grow more).You can make a lot of money from Promotions(200$/month and can get higher as the account gets bigger).The account will gain a lot of followers since i am doing Likes with big accounts :slight_smile: All the followers were made organically.


Please send info and price


Closing, old listing.