Service type: Automation
Price: varies depending on automation


I am a RPA (Robotic Process Automation) developer and I can automate pretty much anything for you on desktop, web, applications within your computer, or even Citrix environments.

Why might you need to automate something?

  • So you don’t get stuck doing repetitive tasks
  • make your life easier
  • Save time
  • Get things done faster
  • Get work done while you sleep
  • etc…

There are only two reasons why I may not be able to automate something for you

  1. Skill set - the automation is too complex for my skill set (so far I’ve never got a project like this)
  2. It is not possible to automate your project via the RPA software I am using

the only downside to most of my automation’s is that you can’t use your computer while they are running. Because they use your computers cursor just like a human being. Unless, you have a virtual machine (which you can get for free for one year on Amazon AWS) or of course a spare computer/laptop.

Prices vary depending on the following factors:

  • Type of automation
  • Time it will take for me to complete your project
  • Complexity

Note: All automation’s will run on your own computer or virtual machine. And yes it is possible to schedule automation’s, and also run them remotely, from another device.

If you are interested in such services, please send me a PM with all your requirements, or PM me if you have any questions.
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Examples of automations I’ve done for clients

  • Scraping data from a website onto an excel sheet, and then performing actions on a desktop application based on the data within the excel sheet (Client’s occupation: Accountant)
  • Sending private messages to all users of a forum. The forum software was PHP MY BB or something like that, which was easy to spam because they don’t have private message limitations. (Client’s occupation: some random dude trying to invite his competitors users, to his website) Of course I will not do this on SWAPD lol
  • Send an email to client when his social media account management software showed a specific status (client occupation:Marketing)

Order Process

Here’s how everything will go down via SWAPD’s checkout system :

  1. Proposal - You PM me with information about what you need automated
  2. Clarification - I ask you questions about your proposal to make sure I have everything I need to create your automation
  3. Quote - Based on the work that needs to be done I will provide you with a reasonable quote and how long it will take me to create your automation
  4. Sit Tight - I’ll get to work as soon as possible and let you know when I am done creating the automation
  5. Once you are satisfied with the automation you can tell SWAPD staff to complete the checkout ticket (or whatever, i’ve never done a transaction here before)


The only one thing you would need to do is download the RPA software, and add the automation file to your computer. Which I will provide step by step instructions for once I am done making your automation. It only takes like 2-3 mins

And you shouldn’t be worried about downloading this because as you will see when I tell you the name of the software, it is extremely well-known, used and trustworthy within the industry. (I can even get an admin to verify this information)


  • Well Documented - All automation’s I provide will be extremely well documented, in fact it will be so easy to follow along you might even be able to add your own little tweaks into it with the help of google and some basic programming knowladge.

  • Schedule Automation’s - I could even setup a way for you to schedule automation’s to run at a specific time.

  • Easy to use UI - I will make it a easy as possible for you to use your automation

  • Web Deployment - you can even run automation’s on your computer from another device

  • Reliability - all automation’s I make will be very reliable


If you need a desktop automation I will need to connect to your computer via Team Viewer to create it, and you can watch me do it as well.


Some automation’s will require updates or revisions. And depending on the type of update, revision, or change requested I will either charge you, or do it for free.

Example of an update,

  • Lets say your automation required me to scrape data from a website, and that website changes their UI. Now you need me to update the automation

Example of a revision/change,

  • You didn’t provide me will all the information for your project and when it was completed (checkout ticket was closed) you needed me to add something more to it

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I have a few questions that may interest others as well:

  • Would it be possible to get an insight into examples of social media related automation?
  • Could you tell us a price range based on a example?

I have so many things in my head and I’m not sure if they are realizable (and financeable :smiley: )


So far most of the automation’s i’ve done we’re social media related. Some examples mentioned below

  1. Reddit scraper - a client was using Reddit to manually find viral videos/clips to post onto his YouTube channel, I automated that whole process for him. Cost: $100

  2. Facebook Admin - I built a automation for a client who owns a huge facebook group. He gets tons of posts and join requests on there daily and no longer had the time to manage all that manually. So I automated process where users are accepted or rejected into his group based on certain condition (like what date they signed up). The bot also looks through his entire group and deletes any unwanted posts that he does not want on there. Cost: $270

As mentioned in the post, prices depend on complexity of the project and the amount of time it would take me to do them.

My entire goal with this is to build a portfolio and get experience, because I plan on approaching bigger businesses soon to offer my automation services. That’s where the real moneys at!

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