I can claim Instagram usernames for you

Service type: Inactive/Disabled Instagram Username Claim
Price: $1500

Description: I’m offering this service to claim any inactive or disabled Instagram username for your brand/company/business, for a fixed price of $1500 per successful claim.

This doesn’t include any “generic” usernames as Instagram’s policy doesn’t allow for claiming those, and as such this service is only for anyone who’s interested in claiming their company’s or brand’s username.

The time for each claim is normally 2-5 business days. I will update you throughout the process if needed.

I will only be taking 2 requests every week, so please only PM me if you’re serious and ready to buy. If you have any questions feel free to PM me as well.

Can you send me the requirements of what is necessary to apply for your service? Thank you.

I am ready to buy. Could I send you a list of inactive accounts to see which one you could possibly get? Some have been inactive for years.

Sure, send over a PM and I’ll let you know which ones are possible.

Are you able to enable disabled accounts?

I haven’t had much luck with that, so currently I’m only offering a username claiming service.



Please send me a PM of any usernames you’d like claimed and we can discuss further. :slight_smile:

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