I can Enable your Disable FB Profile



Service type: Enable your Disable FB Profile
Price: 150$

Description: If your fb profile is disable just PM me i can able to re enable your fb id.


This is super risky, the seller wants your password.


@Swapd Sir!! It’s need password. Before few months ago we can enable profile without access. But now fb authority change their terms & condition thats why!
But i think buyer can easily give his disable account password because his id is disable and he couldn’t login that id without re enable it.
If my post break any rules of SWAPD CO then please delete my topic :slight_smile:


Do you have any proof for this? How successful are you with this?


PM me details


that’s way too much risk, first if i want my profile back its not for no reason, its because i want my pages back that are on that profile, what you can do is steal these pages, or specific group and even give you 150$ so no that i just give u pages or group i’ll even pay u to steal my pages? :slight_smile:


But, if your profile is disabled, don’t you not have access to it anyways?

Let me know if I’m not reading this clearly, or not understanding something, but I don’t see what exactly you have to lose if you can’t access it yourself anyways.

If he was to steal your pages after successfully re-enabling your Facebook profile, well, this is SWAPD, and he can’t complete any transactions without ID Verifying. If you snoop around a little, you’d find that we rain hell on anyone that crosses us or our customers.


I can agree that i already i can’t access them and at some point i have nothing to lose but dont understand me wrong , What i have if you RAISE hell on him? Nothing. First he don’t need to sell the pages. Because he will make very good money out of them just by posting articles ( and i know how much and its a lot) or he can just create many other pages by sharing them on this ones and again make very good profit out of it and i can’t do ■■■■ to stop him. Let’s say i’ll take the risk and trust him but only and just only when he gives proofs that he is giving the profiles back and confirmation from real people that he didn’t screw them or steal anything from their profile and also “If he is verified for this service by Swapd Staff i’ll maybe take the risk” otherwise no point or logic to give any 150$. Hell, if he really can to this i’ll give him 1500$ every month for a 1 year.


I don’t think getting reported to the respective cybercrime division of their country is something most people are okay with.

If he completes a successful service, we’ll mark this as Verified, but considering this thread is brand new, he has nothing to show yet.


If anyone can give me below info i can re enable it:

  • if you don’t submit more then 1 times for re enable
  • give me date of birth
  • profile picture of disable id if real human picture
  • username
  • email and pass (without this i can’t able to access)
  • Present & Permanent Address of disable id
    Thanks :slight_smile:


Overall, I am against giving passwords to anything, even if disabled. Over time there have been countless loopholes/exploits that came out that allowed users to regain their accounts without giving up the pass. If you have valuable pages under your account, my advice is to wait.
It also seems this user needs names/addresses/photos. So, I am fairly sure there is no trick here, he just contacts Facebook and hopes for the best, probably has a devised method and a contact that yields the highest success rates.


Well before giving him password give me the email id of that account, I’ll check whether it is possible to take back that account or not… if my result fails, 99% u will fail to get back that account…


100% agree



How many time recovered?


interested…but I forgot my password :smiley:


7 -10 days!


@Administrators any successful transaction on this yet?


Nobody has opened a ticket with this offer yet.


What the difference of your service from appealing? As i see from the example it’s regular appeal that anyone can do, i know profiles that get disabled by algorithem mistake and got activated