I sell Instant Articles + domain.com approved everyday

I sell every day 1 or 2 Facebook pages with new approved Instant Articles + domain .com

I sold many Instant Articles on SWAPD and not only, everyone know that I sell good stuff.

If you want to buy new Instant Articles, just contact me, I am available most of the time.

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Can you run ads to IA?

Facebook automatically place ads in your instant articles, or you can place the ads manually. Facebook will pay you.
Also you can use Adsense in the instant articles, but I never used this.

If you question was to run ads to promote the instant articles, yes you can.

Yes, the second part is what I was looking for. So we’ll be able to run ads to the instant articles we create?

Also, to clarify, these are ads from the ads manager, not only boosted post?

Thanks for fast reply!

Yes, you can do Boost direct from page and you can also do ads from Ads Manager, in the same way you advertise a normal link. It will appear as Instant everywhere on Facebook.

I have 2 Instant Articles approved today.
Feel free to PM me with your best offer.

1 sold, so only 1 IA available for today.

Price pm please

I have 2 IAs in stock, approved a few days ago.

What categories?


Good price?

If so PM me


Not a specific category, only a few likes.
I can change the page name to anything you want if that’s important for you, but it takes 1 week.

How much per account? Pls PM me

Best offer, as I mentioned in topic.

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