I want sell this account because

Country of followers (majority): USA UK
Amount of followers: 20.1k
Topic/Niche: dogs
Does it include the OG (original) email?: yes

Promotion methods used? (Organic/S! 4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic
Hello, I have decided to sell my account since I do not have the time to handle it, I started with it 2 years ago and 80% of the followers are from the United States 20% from the United Kingdom,

[Sources of income: Many pages request shoutouts, so it can be monetizable]
Posts: 98
Avg Likes: 1000 per post
Avg Comments: 15 per post
Engagement: 8 %

what is the handle?, I may buy today

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im very interested

I’m sorry, that’s a question
Violate the policy in swapd.co

lol no I mean p.m. me the handle so I can take a look at the property

Send handle.

There is all information for a page you can view

See photos of a page …

I’m not trying to be an ■■■■■■■ but for someone to actually want to go ahead and pull the trigger and buy this account, you would need to p.m. the handle to them.
Please PM me the handle as I am seriously interested in buying this account and I would like to check it all the way out… for example when was the last time you posted and everything that goes with that, etc. Your snapshots look good but that’s not all we need to see

Previously I used to send Handley to interested people until my account was frozen for a long time. I originally wanted to give you … but this is against the site’s policy am very sory

You must be new to swapd?

just send the account name him only by private message

It’s up to the seller whether or not they wish to PM the handle to people asking for it. However, sharing handles with ID Verified members is not a violation of SWAPD’s policies. I doubt anyone would purchase an account without knowing the @handle until they receive the login details.


two month

I agree 100%

Well I’m interested and I’m ID verified and everyone knows I buy multiple accounts all the time so if you’re interested in actually selling this account don’t hesitate to p.m. me the handle when your ready. Have a good day.

yes i ready

Anyone got any 20k-30k accounts? msg me pls, I’m new here, don’t know whether been verified or not as of yet.

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So please PM me the handle (the ig address) so I can check it out see if I would like to buy it right now.

And don’t worry about it we were all new at some point. lol

Welcome to SWAPD @oldchild
This is someones listing for the sale of an account, but there’s a Buyer Requests board where you can ask for specific accounts or services.