I want to change my twitter password.

Hi, my twitter account is still open in my app but I forgot the latest password I use to it. Can I still changed the password even though I dont have access to the proton email that is connected to the twitter account, I cannot recover the proton email as well because I was not able to put recovery email.

The only thing I remember is the old password. And also maybe it can help that the twitter account is still open in my twitter app?

Please I am willing to pay just to change the password of my twitter account.

I can help; sending DM

Yes possible send me message

I submitted a request for him using a form. Not something I’m willing to raise to an internal rep. If you can help, go for it

What’s happening?

If you have the twitter account still logged on a device, you are able to change the password even without email access linked to that account

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How to do that brother??

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We may do an email replace trial over a video or phone call.
If it still does not work, will work with Twitter to proceed with the email change
Will need the following data

  • Twitter Account
  • Email registered
  • Device Model
  • OS
  • Twitter App version
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Can we call for a minute?

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