I want to sell my instagram account

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If you’re the creator, why not include the OG email? Most people won’t touch this thing if you don’t include it.

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2,86,188 ? :thinking:

Just noticed that too, that’s so odd. Is that’s how they’re displayed or are these images doctored by a moron?


Yup that’s how it’s shows in an android Mobile.

This is my page’s insight

But the image name shows as whatsapp_xxxx_

Clear proof that he’s not a creator…!!

Moron is a bit much for this lie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: unless proven hacked @Swapd

That’s so odd though. OK, I take things back. Thank you for clearing that up, @MediaBoy.

Pages that hit explore have good reach rate, only few pages get this much reach.

i took this screenshot on mobile and take all into my pc by whatsapp web so it changes your file name.

Here’s the new screenshot and make sure to check current time on top left corner of image.
I’m from India so please check Indian Standard Time and compare it with this image :slight_smile:

Don’t judge book by it’s cover.

Still no answer for why there is no og email when Ur the creator

Please message @ handle

I would stay away from this :roll_eyes:

Maybe it’s his personal email?

Not sure why you guys always keep asking on the posts. The terms are listed, if you don’t like them then don’t comment.

My main Instagram is on my personal email too. Should I sell it to you and lose my 10 year old gmail account in the process? Not everybody starts an account knowing the “right” ways to go about it and sell it off.

I’m not vouching for OP. However, not impressed with people and their comments recently on SWAPD.


Pm me the handle of the account

if it is your personal email, you could easily mention that in the listing. comments are not offense intented…!!

pm link please!

These pics are photoshopped

yes it’s my personal email and thank you :slight_smile:

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Handle please