I Will Mentor You To Make $500+ Per Day Selling Online

I previously had an account on Etsy.com where I was able to generate significant revenue, reaching a peak of $3000+ some weeks. However, my account was closed and I was unable to reopen it, even under different names. If I had not been importing items from China and drop shipping ( which is against TOS ), I likely would have been able to continue operating on the platform. As I am no longer able to use this knowledge myself, I am willing to share my strategies with others who may benefit from them.

I attached some samples of how my sales were looking

So within the space of 4 months I was up to making around $3000 a week ( which 70% was profit )

After suspension of this account I tried a legitimate selling technique and managed to get products ranking after 3 days

In June I began making sales again and was already nearing $200-$300 today from a single product. But the powers that be at Etsy had linked my account to the previous one somehow and banned it. The effort and thought of trying to create another account and do it all again had me at my limits, so I just stuck back at my original source of income in Facebook!

Now that this opportunity is here I would love if anyone interested would take my mentoring and method and try implement it into their own selling strategy. The market is so big on Etsy you can take this approach with literally any product.

Anyone interested mentoring I will do it at a good price and preferably I would like if I could run the first course over a Zoom/Video call

$1000 to book your place.


I assume that you found an alternative to the dropshipping that got you banned? Is this expandable to other platforms?

Definitely interested.

Just for etsy. No alternative i just continue growing my Facebook presence where im doing about 100k a month. So just thought i would offer my previous experience with Etsy to people who can put it to good usr

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How much net?

Sorry i thought i was replying to a pm. Not disclosing any Fb methods :slight_smile:

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Check PM, please.