I will publish article or interview on google news journal website

Service type:I will publish your readily written article or interview on google news us site DA 45
Articles can be any length and have up to 3 images in them plus a link back to your site.

This is a standout and established us news site. my google news website also mention in Wikipedia as source for public figure so it will help you in verification process and Wikipedia page

Price: 160$

The post stays on the site forever

  • All posts must be in English and written to a reasonable standard
  • Only 1 back-link
  • You can have as many pictures as you wish in the article
  • I DO NOT write stories – you need to submit a ready to go news piece or interview questions and answers.
  • The backlink is “Do Follow”
  • When I deliver I will send you a link to you article and screenshot showing that’s in now on Google News

20$ for the first 3 swapd member

PM me

PM me the site details.

interested - PM me the site details

DM site details. Thanks

DM details please

@superj done , and you article on the first place on google news us :smiley:

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Dm details of the website please

Wonderful fast service! Definitely worth it.

Edit : article disappeared off google news in a day.

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Can i see the page first

google news update and indexed so everyday new articles get to the top

the article is no longer listed on google news at all. Articles from 3 years ago are at the top now.

You article already on google news website so its already listed on google news

When I search for the subject of the article and choose articles within the last month there is nothing. I have gone through all pages on google news and it is no longer there. The article on the site is still a great service but it is no longer showing up in google news. Id be happy to discuss this over direct message on swapped as I don’t want to muddy up your listing.

Its ok i am just explaine to you

Whats the news website that it will be published on?

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