I will sell google publisher center approved news websites

Service type:Google News Approved Domains
Price: $500

Description: If you are looking to buy out a news website that is Latest google publisher center approved that you have landed on absolutely right gig.

I have build a developed great Google News Domains and its Publications.

Please go through the following information to understand what google news websites are.

For those who are completely oblivious about what google news websites are, let me explain it few lines.

News website that are submitted to google for validation as a source of news for google news aggregators like google news app and https://news.google.com

Following are the benefits

1.Rapid Indexing
2-Get Followers and Traffic for Newsstand app
3- Get The Google News and Newsstand authority

Note: Contact Me before ordering i will forward the available names so you can check

Plz pm me the availabke domains

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DM me domains please.

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From what I’ve heard, getting approved these days is a lot easier due to the ease of restrictions. Moving to services > other.

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OK Cool

please dm me the domains

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Please PM me URL.

Hi, can you please share available names please. Also would like to see a couple links for these sites.

DM me domains please.

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