IG Active Art Account For Sale (52k+) Majority USA

Country of Followers (Majority): USA
Amount of Followers: 52k+
Topic/Niche: Art
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Growth via dm groups, hashtags and like and Comment networking.


Art featuring account

You can promote your own business or your personalized content and work.
Advertise/paid features and do collaborations.
Grow and build up other accounts too.

A wonderful page with all organic and real followers. A lucrative business investment if used properly and by someone who knows how to grow and maintain active accounts.

And to further demonstrate that many business opportunities are possible I included some of the DMs I got. For example I got contacted by Skill Share to be in their Brand Ambassador program, (screenshot below)

and also got contacted by other business companies to feature a product or adds for them. Image below of a known company which I did a promotion for and they liked it.

That is me not even trying to get deals since I have been busy with real life stuff and not that active on it. Imagine what you can do if you were motivated to grow it and focus on it!

Below I also included more recent and older insights to showcase the account activity and quality better!

More recent:



Looks promising! Interested sent you a dm.

Dm sent to all interested!

is this still available? I am interested! what is the price and what is the handle?

Details sent!

Hello, can you give me Full name?

Dm Username please

Details sent!


handle pls? interested!

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Bump! New price!