IG Artist Giveaways / Sweepstakes Organic Followers Growth

Service type: IG Artist Giveaways/ Sweepstakes Organic Followers Growth

Price: $199 - $450 Per Slot

Payment Methods: USDT, Bank Wire.

BLACK FRIDAY Sale Up To 50% Limited Time Only!

Hello Swapd Members! We are offering you an opportunity to join our Instagram Artist Organic Followers Growth Giveaways/Sweepstakes Campaigns. With Brand New Offers:

First Offer: Estimated Followers Gain is 3.5k-8.5k and the minimum is Guranteed by Swapd Ticket! Price per slot is $450 with Sale 30% Off Becomes Only $315

Second Offer: Estimated followers gain is 1.5k-2.5k and the minimum is Guranteed by Swapd Ticket! Price is $350 With Sale 50% Off Becomes Only $175

Slots are limited reserve your slot Now!

We do this by doing influencer loop giveaways/sweepstakes campaigns with big pages and artists to provide the best possible result!
There is a little fee to pay, mentioned above, so we can buy the prizes, promotions with huge influencers, organizing and etc., to become one of the sponsors of our Giveaways/Sweepstakes. (We will also cover Swapd fee and transaction fees with the price). Spots Are VERY Limited Each Campaign!

Firstly, what is a Loop Giveaway? A loop is where an influencer or celebrity with a wide audience will be posting a giveaway on their Instagram page with specific prize (cash or item) - in order for their followers to win the specified prize, they must follow the sponsor (you) who is on the follow list. This immediately brings organic traffic to your brand/business by the thousands. Unlike traditional single shoutout advertisement with celebrities’ /influencers, with our method you will be able to retarget the people coming your way.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is the traffic guaranteed?
Yes, we can guarantee that you will receive traffic. We provide estimates based on prior campaigns data. Client’s also have the ability to view the campaign host’s account to confidently make a decision to participate.

How Much Traffic Can I Expect to Stay?
You can expect 20% - 30% or more to stay. There is not an exact percentage of retention because each traffic source and every client are different. Some of this new traffic may like you better than another client who participated in the campaign, and some of the new traffic may like your content enough to share it with people who didn’t participate in the Giveaway/Sweepstakes in order to be introduced to you but decide to follow you also!

How Long Does A Campaign Last?
Campaigns can vary, but normally a campaign lasts 10-15 days.

How Much Traffic Should I Expect?
That really depends on the campaign. Some campaigns have an estimated gain of 3,500 - 5,000, and other campaigns have estimated gains of over 12,000!

Can You Target A Specific Audience?
We do not control who follows the influencer nor who will follow you based on their post. Giveaways/Sweepstakes Campaigns are used for anyone looking for growth without giving their password and to get real organic followers.

It’s also important to note we use Artists & Influencers from US, UK and around the world due to the high cost of booking talent. you will either get a majority of US or International followers.

Next Giveaway Campaign is In November it will be our Biggest Event Yet!

Exclusive offer for Swapd Members buy 2 slots get a third for free!

Let us know if you are interested in growing your page!


When is it? Who is it with? Country of influencer? These are important details


It is every month next one is in November 25, the rest is answered in the description and Q&A.

Here is some vouches from our happy customers!

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Our next one is on November 25 if any want in contact us, spots are limited!

Very trusted! Looking forward to it :blush:

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can you share info about the demo and country of audience? names of the accounts involved?

Interested to get more info about your upcoming campaign, pm me…

PM me details.

Yes I’d like information?


PM you!


DMs sent to all!

Don’t forget to read the post guys alot of your questions are answered in it!

Hi, so is it guaranteed followers or is not?

it is an estimate!

Congrats to the new sponsers who joined us!
Only few slots left!

Giveaway is on November 27, 4k-10k+ followers are guranteed!

Few slots left!